This one is for the magicians and the scientists, those pursuing cures and common good, the noble ones: The Life Saviours.

For a long time demonized, here we want to honor them. Without the support of the Banks, the largest projects would only remain unfulfilled dreams.

Dedicated to those who, with each blow, each hammer blow, transform simple metal bars into works of art that time cannot kill.

The Oracle. Where knowledge and information match and met. Where the real human quests try to fin their answers. Without them a town would be like a vase on a desert: a useless piece of decoration.

Upon entering this room, its vibrant colors surround you and you imagine the sweet rest in a fairytale garden.

Passion. Purpose. Craftsmanship. Thanks to all those who went beyond the ordinary to connect on another level. The feelers explaining the meaning of this adventure to the rest of us.

Honeymoon Suite
The room of enjoyment. Just like honey, sweet, healthy and perennial, so should love be.

What would a small town be without a bakery? Hungry and incomplete. We thank you all who gave us fresh, delicious bread every single day.

Aren’t we obsessed with their work? Tic, tac, tic, tac; perfect little machines telling us not to hurry, but to stop, enjoy, look around. This one is for those who gave us time.

The other Oracle. Where humans match and meet. Where everything starts and ends. The breaker and the healer, the soul of a small town. This one’s made in the name of the gods.

The elegants, the pursuiters of beauty. Those who get to make us feel better, striving for greatness. The marvellers with their simplicity and fine taste.

Every community had a carpenter, an artist whose canvas was wood. Without them, the town could not have existed. This room is dedicated to them.