• Vinos 1750 - Uvairenda Winery and Vineyards

    Camino a Valle Abajo .

    The 1750 wines are produced by Uvairenda, a boutique winery located in the Samaipata Valleys. This winery focuses on the production of wines with a lot of identity and clear varietal flavor. Here you can take a guided tour by specialized winegrowers, who will transfer their knowledge and experience in the dvelopment and production of a good quality wine, from the plantation to the bottling. It is a unlike activity, beautiful and de-stressing. Is thre something better than learning something new, sharing a good wine and enjoying the spectacular view of the mountains of Samaipata?

  • El Fuerte Ruins

    Fort Samaipata, Bolivia .

    A short distance from the town of Samaipata is one of the most important archaeological monuments of the pre-Columbian era in Bolivia: El Fuerte. This mysterious archaeological site has given rise to numerous hypotheses about its origins. It is believed to be the work of the Amazonian culture «Chané», which later was also used as a city by the Incas and finally by the Spanish settlers who made it a fort. Samaipata Fort was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is considered the largest carved stone in the world. This rock, which dominates all the people from above, is a unique testimony, unique in its kind and throughout America, of pre-Hispanic traditions and beliefs.
    A place with a lot of history and culture that also gives us spectacular views in a clean and well-kept environment, between viewpoints, shortcuts between paths, benches to rest and beautiful trails.

  • Landsuá Vineyard and Winery

    Bodegas y Viñedos Landsuá, Samaipata, Bolivia .

    On the way to ``El Fuerte’’, you will find the Landsuá Vineyard and Winery, and it´s impressive landscape. The LandSuá Wineries aim to develop high-end wines, of authentic own style, as well as to concentrate on their wines not only the characteristics of a good wine, but also integrate the culture and beauty of the Land.

    Inside the vineyard are open-air tours guided by experts, for good wine lovers and for those looking to enjoy unique Landscapes. In this tour, you will visit the vineyards and receive an explanation of the different varieties of vines, ending with the visit to the winery and wine tasting. The LandSuá winery has its own restaurant: Las Terrazas, which offers a wide menu with different options for lunch. Open to the public on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

  • Cuevas Ecological Center

    Cuevas, Bolivia .

    A beautiful – easy access - tourist destination to relax and enjoy. 
    After a short, pleasant walk, three beautiful waterfalls with crystal clear water and sandy beaches await you. A great variety of fruits and vegetables is also cultivated in these Lands, so the Cuevas Ecological Center seeks to conserve, protect and exhibit the wide range of different species of plants of the Santa Cruz valleys.
    Immerse yourself in nature, between mountain ranges and waterfalls, just 20 minutes drive away from Samaipata.

    For maintenance and preservation reasons, entry is charged. Entrance with food, animals or alcohol is restricted.

  • Giant Fern Forest

    Lado sur del Parque Nacional Amboró .

    A forest of another planet, in another time - inhabited by giant ferns.

     This forest is part of the impressive Amboró Park; a protected area of Bolivia that contains one of the most biodiverse reserves in the world, since 4 different ecosystems converge on its surface. Because of it, in this park you will find at least 17 varieties of ferns dating back a thousand years and some of more than 13 meters high. These living fossils have managed to adapt wonderfully over the years and overcome all kinds of obstacles, so it is fascinating to walk among them and admire their greatness and magnitude. Here you will find orchids, mosses, bromeliads, mahogany trees, a wide variety of birds, reptiles and mammals. An excursion full of adventure, excitement and adrenaline. Walking through a forest of tree ferns like these is a unique experience: the silence of the forest, the stillness, the foggy air and being surrounded by these ancestral relics is really overwhelming.



  • Codo De Los Andes

    Codo de los Andes, Samaipata, Bolivia .

    The Codo De Los Andes is characterized by being one of the most impressive attractions of Samaipata, because wherever you look, you will find yourself immersed in an infinite paradise. It is the point where the Andean Mountain Range enters the South American continent, to form the so-called "Codo de los Andes" and before turning south, it meets the other two great regions of the continent: the Amazon and the Chaco. The hike can last both half a day (2 and a half hour hike) and almost a full day (approximately 5 hours hike). In total it is driven 1 hour and a half to the starting point, and it is necessary to make the walk in the company of a Tourist Guide.

  • Samaipata Archaeological Museum

    Samaipata Archaeological Museum (CIAS), Avenida Ponce Sanjines, Samaipata, Bolivia .

    The Archaeological Museum in Samaipata has six exhibition rooms of pre-Columbian cultural objects from the monumental site of the Ruins of "El Fuerte", recovered through scientific excavations.

    Its auditorium is suitable for cultural activities, its small garden and its internal galleries are very pleasant for visitors.